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George Stewart, Maranatha Men's Ministries Leader

 I am My Brothers’ Keeper is the theme for Maranatha Men’s Ministries as we work together to compliment the lives of our men. It is our goal to assist the men of Maranatha in gaining a closer walk with God to enable us to be the men that God intends for us to be. All men are brothers because all men are descendants of Adam, the first man that God created. Like iron sharpens iron, men sharpen men.
The goals of Maranatha Men’s Ministries is to help men understand the importance of their health: physically, spiritually, financially and morally.
To accomplish our goals, we need the men of Maranatha to participate. We will meet for our regular meeting on every third Sunday at 1:00 pm in the Sanctuary. However, some months the meeting will vary.  Stay tuned to the MIX for our meeting dates. Our next meeting will be on April 30, 2017, at 1:00 pm in the sanctuary. 

To begin our ministry for 2017, we will first focus on men’s health. We will place links on this page which will direct our men to videos about every organ and every system in the body. This is important because the more we know about how our body works, the better we will be.  For example, if you take your car to a mechanic and you don’t know anything about how your car works, the mechanic can tell you anything, and you will not know for certain if you are being given accurate information. However, if you take that same car to a mechanic and you know exactly how the car works, you will know if you are being told the right information and if you are paying a fair cost for the repairs. You may not have the skills to repair the car, but you know how it works and can make an intelligent decision about how to proceed. Similarly, if you know your body, how it works, and how to maintain it, you are more likely to know if you are being given accurate information, if and when you see a doctor. Men, it is necessary to have an annual checkup with a doctor!

The Bible says in  Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” Because God said this, we know this is true. Therefore, it is our goal to equip the men of Maranatha with as much knowledge as we can about their health in this up-coming year.
Men, we are the rock of our family, the protector, and provider. A man away from his home is like a bird away from his nest Proverbs 27:8. If you are not here, who will care for your family?
Men of Maranatha, it is our goal to assist you in any way we can. If you need to contact us, please send an email to mensministries@maranathasda.com or give a call to 718-496-7792.

Be Blessed!

George Stewart
Maranatha Men’s Ministries Leader

Men we will discuss the cardiovascular system at our next meeting.  Please take a look at the videos below for our discussion.
We will begin our health series with the Cardiovascular System - The Heart

Function of the Heart   What is Happening During a
Heart Attack
Signs of a Heart Attack   20 Foods to Prevent Heart Attacks.
This video contains two foods that
we as Seventh-day Adventists
do not advocate, which are cheese
and coffee.  The other 18 foods
are great for heart health. 

Our next part of the body we will explore is the Central Nervous System which
consists of the Brain and the Spinal Cord.


Central Nervous System   What Happens During a
Signs of a Heart Attack   Number ! Food to help
Prevent Strokes!
Check it out!



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