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The goal of Maranatha Communications and Media Productions is to finish the work of the Gospel by broadcasting the Gospel through the use of technology. To accomplish this, we have a dedicated and faithful group of individuals submitted and filled with God’s Spirit to get this job done.

Media Ministries is directed by Kevin Sampson

The hub of our ministry, the main board which controls the sky cameras, presentation, and streaming. It also is responsible for recording our service.
Techs:  Lee Lamb, Cornell Gayle, DJ Baguidy, Mykail Curry, Billy Floyd and our newest tech, Michael Hall.  

Sound mixes and merges the signals from all of our microphones to produce for a clear and concise sound of our musician, and speakers for services in the sanctuary, streaming, and overflow rooms through the church.
Techs: Kevin Sampson, Waymond Hackney, Julius Harris, Billy Floyd, Sonya Floyd and our newest tech Matthew Wynn. Nkendi George, Jacob Hunt, Valor Campbell.

Presentation provides the visual prompts on the sanctuary screens such a songs, scripture, titles, images and videos.
Techs:  Robert Davis, Patricia Campbell, Billy Floyd, Brandon Davis, and our newest tech is Charles Rush.

Streaming is the vehicle used to get the gospel outside these walls. It is accessed on Sabbath morning via our youtube page on our website and via Praizevision.
Techs:  Lance Horton, Diane Hackney, Yvonne Lollis, Rolonda Strong, Billy Floyd, Sonya Floyd, and our newest tech Jeremiah Stewart.

Camera: Provides additional wide shots during all services
Techs: Lee Lamb, Eddie Parlor and Jay Williams, Noah Thompson

Editing is the department responsible for editing our services and creating a finished video to be purchased and shared to further the Gospel.
Techs:  Cornell Gayle, and DJ Baguidy.

Library is responsible for taking video orders and fulfilling video orders as well as archiving all services recorded.
Techs:  Cornell Gayle, Diane Hackney, and Yvonne Lollis.
Photography captures and preserves the history of events that take place on a weekly basis. Weekly photographs are archived on Maranatha’s Flickr pages.
Techs:  Diane Hackney, Waymond Hackney, John Hathaway and Caleb Flowers.
Media lighting sets the mood of the service, hides the unsightly and help the speakers to stand out and be seen clearly. It provides ambiance and staging for plays and concerts.
Tech: Cornell Gayle and Jason Ingram.

We are always looking for talented people to complement our team of dedicated volunteers.   If you have an interest in media, audio, video, graphic design, photography, editing, social media, or website programming, please contact us by sending an email to comm@maranathasda.com and you will be contacted by our team.