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  Diane Hackney

Maranatha Women’s Ministry are Empowered Women Serving the Master and it is our goal to be the heart of God to this corner of our world. As such, we serve the Master as sisters in Christ sharing love and compassion to other sisters in Christ as well as those sisters in our community. 

It is our objective to:
  •     be a catalyst for spiritual growth to our sisters
  •     help our sisters to realize their God-given worth
  •     mentor our young women, teens, and girls
  •     guide our sisters to realize and use their talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God in the
        home, church, and community
  •     listen to the needs and concerns of our sisters
  •     finally, lead as many as will to accept Christ as Lord and Savior

Our ministry embraces women of all ages.
  • Princess - ages 4-10
  • Teens - ages 11-15
  • Young Ladies - ages 16-18
  • Collegiate - ages 19-22
  • Young adults - ages 23-34
  • Women - ages 35-45
  • Women - ages 46-55
  • Women - ages 56 and older